Danny Panzella

Friday evening hundreds of protesters marched from Zuccotti Park in the Financial District of NYC to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York chanting “END THE FED, OCCUPY THE FED!” as the Occupy The Fed NYC movement kicked off.

TruthSquad.TV has joined forces with the Houston Free ThinkersOath KeepersRTR.org and other national organizations  to organize grass roots activists to help educate Occupy Wall Street protesters about the Federal Reserve System.

Many “free market” activists have been spending time at Occupy Wall Street protests talking about the dangers of allowing a private corporation to centrally plan the U.S. economy. They use government to socialize their investment losses while privatizing their profits offshore to avoid taxes.

The majority of Occupy Wall St protesters rail against free markets and capitalism when the truth is we have never had a free market. Initially many protesters took the call to end the Fed as a call to end regulations. In reality these groups are calling for the end to the corporate monopoly that keeps the working class in poverty. We are also calling for the end of the wars which are only possible due to the endless supply of cash that is only possible through fractional reserve banking, and the Central Banking System.

As TruthSquad has covered in depth the Federal Reserve Bank is a private banking cartel. They are owned by their shareholders (Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, Bank of America etc.) While the Federal Reserve Board is  a federal regulatory agency with members chosen by our elected representatives, The pool of choices comes from the executive boards of the shareholder banks. The banking cartel stacks the agency with their inside men who then decide monetary policy, expand and contract the money supply and manipulate the markets to benefit the top 1%.

The Occupy The Fed movement has grown from a handful of activists to almost 300 calling for the equality of free markets. The OTF movement will continue to fight the co-opting of OWS by the establishment left who has moved several groups in to take over the grass roots democratic community that has formed in Zuccoti Park.

November 22nd is traditionally “End The Fed day” OTF will be holding a rally with special guest speakers soon to be announced!

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